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Art of the Fan is the first t-shirt shop to feature an entire collection of fantasy football inspired t-shirt designs. Art of the Fan is quickly making a name for itself, gaining attention from fantasy football fanatics and getting media coverage from fantasy experts like Gene Wang; fantasy writer for the Washington Post.

Fantasy Football t-shirts
Art of the Fan has become the #1 source for fantasy football t-shirts, gifts and merchandise. Use this site as your “cheat sheet” for gift ideas for the fantasy sports obsessed. Our site is constantly being updated with shirt designs about all things fantasy.

In additon to being great gift ideas for sports fans, our shirts can also be used as fantasy football league prizes.

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Art of the Fan Review
by Apryl Delancey of Women Like Sports

Are you ready for some fantasy football? Yes, it is already that time of year. As you go to your fantasy drafts you now have fashion to match the event. Enter Art Of The Fan. Corey Robertson and his wife came up with the idea for this obsessive pastime after a “discussion”. In his own words he says, “I’m a web/graphic designer that’s been absolutely obsessed with sports since my early teens. My wife is also a designer that’s had to live with my sports obsession for over 10 years now. Fantasy football took things to a whole new level, for me. I first played fantasy football in 1998 and made it to the championship game before losing but that got me hooked.

I’ve always had an interest in t-shirt and apparel design but struggled to come up with a concept that I was passionate about that wasn’t being over represented in the t-shirt market already. Finally, after a nice “discussion” with my wife about the amount of time I spent managing my various fantasy teams, we did some research and decided to use this fantasy inspired line as a way to get into the t-shirt biz. The company started prior to the 2008 season and I actually didn’t participate in any fantasy leagues last year so that we could devote our time to getting the company going.

Art of the Fan will look to have fun and explore things that people become fanatical and obsessive over. For me, fantasy football is something that I obsess and spend way too much time on; but it’s a lot of fun. We’re looking to create different lines of t-shirts that are sometimes funny, sometimes subtle but are always looking at unique ways examine various sports and entertainment related topics.

We’re still coming up with ideas for what’s next. The focus will be on fantasy football through the end of the year. I’m sure you’ll see more crowd inspired designs along the way, similar to what we have on our current signature tee. My wife and I may end up going back and forth on things that one of us likes that the other just doesn’t “get”. We’re definitely going to have fun with this.I hope you enjoy the current line of fantasy inspired t-shirts. We’ll update the site with new designs throughout the season.”