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Fantasy Football GENIUS (t-shirt)

fantasy football genius t shirt

Designed by and designed for the best: The Fantasy Football Genius t-shirt.

Inspired by Apple, our Fantasy Football Genius t-shirt helps you to set the stage for who should be considered the favorite, heading into your fantasy draft. Perfect draft party attire. Being a fantasy football genius is almost a full time job these days. You can’t wait until 2 weeks before your draft and hope for success. The NFL and fantasy football continues to change and evolve everyday. Celebrate both your past and future fantasy success by letting everyone know that they’re staring at greatness when they see you.

Art of the Fan’s t-shirts are not only a fantasy draft day essential, ours tees should be an everyday part of a fantasy football fanatics’ t-shirt collection.

**All of our fantasy football t-shirts come in multiple styles and colors.  

All t-shirt designs are available in multiple styles and colors

Shop our collection to pick the style and color that you like best!

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About Art of the Fan

Art of the Fan has combined a fantasy football obsession and a love for cool t-shirts and design to bring you the world’s 1st collection of fantasy football inspired tees. Whether you’re getting ready for one of your draft parties, putting together a unique league prize package or just wanting to express your fantasy football fanaticism; Art of the Fan speaks for you!

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