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My Fantasy Team IS MY FAVORITE TEAM - t-shirt

If choosing to root the best interest of your fantasy team over your favorite team is not much of a choice at all. The My Fantasy Team is my Favorite Team t-shirt is for you!

We all have the team that we grew up rooting for and still root for til this day. These days, after a full week of NFL action; for many a loss for their fantasy football team is the most painful loss of all. The Fantasy Team/Favorite Team t-shirt explains what is a simple fact for many NFL fans of today.

Is your fantasy team your favorite football team?


All of our t-shirt designs are available in multiple styles and colors!

**All of our fantasy football t-shirts come in multiple styles and colors.  

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About Art of the Fan

Art of the Fan has combined a fantasy football obsession and a love for cool t-shirts and design to bring you the world’s 1st collection of fantasy football inspired tees. Whether you’re getting ready for one of your draft parties, putting together a unique league prize package or just wanting to express your fantasy football fanaticism; Art of the Fan speaks for you! Our fantasy football t-shirts are also a unique gift idea for the fanatics in your life.

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